Metal & Laser Cutting

Lotus Steel Fabrication is based in Sydney and offers on-site computerised laser and profile cutting services, enabling a wide range of shapes and sizes to be cut from plate or sheet metal.sample metal cutting at Lotus Steel

Sheet metal cutting is a metalworking process that utilises various machines or hand tools to create shapes and holes in metal sheets or plates, resulting in a desired metal profile.

With a broad selection of cutting equipment readily available on-site, we make it easy to achieve the cutting of various steel and metal types for our customers.

Lotus Steel can provide Quality Sheet Metal Cutting Services, including High Definition (HD) CNC Fiber Laser Cutting, Tube Laser Cutting, Oxy Cutting, Saw Cutting, Profile Cutting, Band sawing, Guillotining services, and cropping from merchant bars (flats, rounds, squares, etc.), RHS and SHS to pipe, angles, plates, sheets, structural beams, and builders’ steel.

Profile Cutting

Profile cutting is the process of cutting steel and other metals using a laser or oxy/acetylene torches or CNC-controlled equipment.

Saw Cutting

Metal cutting sample

A tool or equipment used for cutting, typically with a thin metal blade featuring sharp teeth, such as a reciprocating saw, band saw, hole saw, or hacksaw.


Using a hydraulic system, a blade is forced through the steel, shearing off a section. It is ideally used for cutting angle and flat bars without generating heat or sparks.


Guillotining is the process of cutting a sheet of steel into a custom-sized blank to any required dimension.

Oxy Cutting

In oxy cutting, a torch is used to heat the metal to its melting point. A stream of oxygen is then directed onto the metal, causing it to burn into a metal oxide that flows out of the kerf area as slag. This process is commonly nicknamed the ‘Gas Axe’.

Fibre Laser Cutting

Sample metal cutting with intricate design

Laser cutting offers a precision process involving the use of a high-energy laser beam to melt and remove material, although occasional roughness in laser-cut pieces may result from manual laser system control. To address this, guides and templates can be employed.

In contrast, fibre laser cutting systems rely on computer-controlled machinery to both create the desired shapes and manage cutting machine motion and gases. This technology produces smoother, more intricate, and highly accurate shapes, including complex curves, inside cuts, and sharp corners. CNC laser cutting achieves a high-quality cutting that significantly reduces time and effort compared to traditional oxy cutting, emphasising high speed, accuracy, and the ability to handle large capacity cutting of materials.

Sheetmetal Metal & Laser Cutting Capabilities

Sheet metal cutting capabilities




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