Steel Laser Cutting

Steel Laser Cutting is a type of metal fabrication process that involves the use of a high-powered laser beam to precisely cut, engrave, or mark steel materials. This innovative technique of cutting steel components is highly efficient and can provide exceptional precision. This method is often used in various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, construction, and metalworking.

Steel Laser Cutting ProcessLaser Cutting Services at Lotus Steel Sydney

  1. Select the appropriate type of steel to be used based on the project requirements. It can be either stainless steel, mild steel, or any other type of steel.
  2. A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) file is created and uploaded to the laser cutting system. This CAD file usually contains the design or pattern that specifies the desired shapes and dimensions for the steel components.
  3. The steel material is placed on the cutting bed of the laser cutting machine. The operator should ensure that the laser machine’s parameters are configured based on the specific type, thickness, and the requirements of the CAD design. Make sure to select the appropriate laser source and set the laser’s power and speed correctly.
  4. The laser beam should be focused on the surface of the steel using a focusing lens which ensures that the laser beam is concentrated to a small, high-energy point of contact on the steel surface.Quality Laser Cutting at Lotus Steel Sydney
  5. An assist gas, typically nitrogen or oxygen, is used to blow away the molten or vaporized material from the cutting path. Which gas to be used depends on the type of steel and the desired cut quality. Oxygen is often used for cutting carbon steel, while nitrogen is preferred for stainless steel.
  6. The high-powered laser beam is directed onto the steel surface. It will melt or vaporise the material at the point of contact. The laser follows the cutting path specified in the CAD design file. Then the assist gas interacts with the material. This will enhance the cutting process.
  7. After the cutting process, the steel components are subjected to quality inspections. During the inspection, components are checked for burrs, dross (resolidified metal), edge quality, and dimensional accuracy.

What Lotus Steel can do with Steel Laser Cutting


Lotus Steel provides accurate cuts on various steel materials. This can range from thin sheets 0.9mm to 25mm thick plates.

Custom Design Assistance

We have design experts and engineering professionals who help customers with their CAD design and file preparation. This will ensure that the design is suitable for laser cutting.


Lotus Steel can assist in creating prototypes to test designs and materials before moving on to larger production runs. We can also handle high-volume production runs for manufacturing and industrial needs.

Bending, Forming and Welding servicesLaser Cutting Sample at Lotus Steel | Quality Laser Cut

Lotus Steel can offer bending and forming services to shape the laser-cut steel components into the desired forms. We also provide welding services for assembling steel parts after laser cutting.


We can provide consultation services. This can help customers optimise their designs for efficient and cost-effective laser cutting.

Why choose Lotus Steel’s Steel Laser Cutting services?

  • Quick Turnaround – Lotus Steel can offer fast turnaround of jobs with greater accuracy. We always make sure that projects are completed on schedule.Quality assurance JAS-ANZ-ISO
  • Customer Support Service – Lotus Steel values our customers. We ensure that all customer’s queries are properly handled. We also provide exceptional customer support and communication by giving our clients regular updates and technical assistance.
  • With Relevant Certifications – Lotus Steel has gained industry-specific certifications and adheres to quality standards to ensure consistent and high-quality work.
  • With Laser Safety Workspace – Lotus Steel prioritizes laser safety measures at all times. This is to protect our operators by providing a safe working environment.

Lotus Steel is your one-stop shop for all your laser-cutting needs. We use advanced steel laser cutting technology to provide steel laser cutting for small to large projects. We also have a team of experienced and highly talented designers, engineers, and fabricators.

If you need assistance with your steel laser cutting project, don’t hesitate to contact Lotus Steel today. You can discuss your specific laser-cutting needs or request a quote with us.

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