Manufacturers Data Report

All fabrication projects are supplied with a Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR). This report is a critical part of our quality assurance measures and ensures we meet our client requirements. This is an ongoing process that continues until the delivery of the project.

At Lotus Steel Fabrication & Engineering, we ensure that every component complies with relevant standards and client specifications. This includes comprehensive inspections and test plans (ITP), meeting welding procedures, ongoing and final dimension checks and non-destructive testing. It can also include details of manufactured components. All reports and certificates are fully traceable and are included in the MDR.

Reports may include:

  • Completed & signed ITP
  • Coating reports
  • Procedure & welder qualification & tests
  • Weld maps
  • Material certificates
  • Heat treatments
  • Dimension checks
  • Associated NCR
  • Mag particle/X-ray/ultrasonic inspections