Metal Bending

Metal bending, which enables the production of tight-radius bends in sheet metal without wrinkles or deformation, is a manufacturing process that creates V-shapes, U-shapes, or channel shapes along a straight axis in ductile materials, commonly referred to as sheet metal.

Sydney-based Lotus Steel Fabrication specialises in CNC metal bending, as well as manual metal bending and rolling. Our expertise caters to a wide range of needs, from high-volume production runs to crafting the most complex shapes in small batch quantities with exceptional accuracy and precision

Metal Bending Capability

Metal bending in Lotus Steel

CNC Metal Air Bending / Pressing / CNC Sheet Metal Folding

Lotus Steel’s range of metal bending technologies and equipment allows us to bend components, plate, and sheet metal in various materials, up to 4 meters in length and 32mm in thickness

Manual Bending and Rolling

  • Tube and pipe manual bending from as little as 10mm diameter up to 50 mm diameter.
  • Lotus Steel can roll round bar, flat bar and wire to customer specifications.

EquipmentMetal bending sample

  • CNC Brake Press
  • Versa Press and Brake Press
  • Round/Flat Bar & Tube Benders
  • Sheet and Pipe Rolls
  • Pan Brakes
  • Metal Stamping Press
  • Fly Press
  • Other specialised machine presses

Bending Material Capability

bending material capability

Feel free to contact our experienced sheet metal specialists for technical information regarding materials used in metal bending.

Why Choose Lotus Steel Metal Bending Services?

Quality in workmanship

Quality assurance JAS-ANZ-ISO

Lotus Steel’s advanced CNC sheet metal folding and bending machinery is designed for high precision, offering increased productivity, reliability, lower energy consumption, and reduced maintenance requirements. The latest CNC folding and bending technology in press brakes ensures your projects are in safe hands.

Short Lead Times

Backed by a team of skilled sheet metal tradesmen with extensive experience, advanced equipment, computer-based processes, efficient in-house procedures, and strong management both in the office and workshop, Lotus Steel has the capability to minimise turnaround times for even the most complex projects.

Excellence in Customer Services

Our dedicated fabrication staff aims to create a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating and consistently exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.

Do you have bending or folding requirements?

Call our Sheet Metal Technical Officers on (02) 9896 1846 or email info@lotussteel.com.au