Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless Steel Welding Sample at Lotus Steel 1Stainless steel welding is one of the popular welding types for a large range of applications including construction, automotive, mining, infrastructure, and manufacturing. The raw material being welded in this particular process is stainless steel. This corrosion-resistant alloy is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Welding stainless steel requires specific techniques and considerations due to its unique properties. Lotus Steel has a group of experts and experienced welders who can assist with bringing your job to life.

Essential Techniques for Stainless Steel Welding at Lotus Steel

TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas)

TIG welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create an arc, and a separate filler material can be added if necessary.

Advantages:Stainless Steel Welding at Lotus Steel

  • Produces clean, high-quality welds with minimal spatter
  • Versatile for various stainless-steel grades
  • Suitable for thin materials

MIG Welding (Metal Inert Gas)

MIG welding employs a consumable wire electrode heated and continuously fed through a welding gun, along with a shielding gas.


  • High productivity and efficiency.
  • Suitable for thicker stainless steel sections.
  • Minimal post-weld cleaning required.

Stick Welding (SMAW – Shielded Metal Arc Welding)Stainless Steel Welding Sample at Lotus Steel 3

Stick welding uses a consumable electrode coated with flux to create the arc and the flux provides a shielding gas to protect the weld.


  • Portable and suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Versatile for various stainless steel thicknesses.
  • Can be used in less controlled environments.

Stainless Steel Welding Process

  1. Choose the appropriate stainless-steel grade based on the specific application e.g 304 or 316 grade. Then, clean the surfaces of the stainless steel that will be welded. Remove contaminants like oil or debris that could affect the quality of the weld. These are crucial steps to prevent contamination and ensure a sound weld.
  2. Select an appropriate joint design based on the application and the thickness of the stainless-steel material.
    Common joint designs include V-grooves, U-grooves, and square grooves.Stainless Steel Welding Sample at Lotus Steel 4
  3. Select a suitable welding technique for your project. You can choose from TIG welding, MIG welding, and Stick welding.
  4. Select the appropriate shielding gas based on the welding process and stainless steel grade. Gases such as argon, helium, or a mixture of the two can be utilised.
  5. Choose the right filler material that matches or slightly overmatches the base metal. The filler material should contribute to the desired mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties of the weld.
  6. Employ proper welding methods, such as maintaining the correct travel speed, controlling the heat input, and using backstepping or overlapping beads to manage heat and distortion.
  7. After welding, it is essential to clean the weld and remove any oxides, scales, or discoloration. This can help achieve optimal corrosion resistance.
  8. Inspect the weld for quality. Ensure that there are no defects such as cracks, porosity, or incomplete fusion. Non-destructive testing methods like visual inspection, dye penetrant testing, or X-ray may be employed.

Why choose Lotus Steel’s Stainless Steel Welding services?

  • Comprehensive Material Mastery – Choose from a variety of stainless steel grades tailored to your unique needs. Lotus Steel has specialists who understand the complexities of stainless steel fabrication. We ensure that your project is crafted with the right material for optimal performance.Quality assurance JAS-ANZ-ISO
  • Versatile Processes –Whether your project demands the precision of TIG welding, the efficiency of MIG welding, or the versatility of stick welding, Lotus Steel is equipped to handle diverse applications. From thin sections to thicker materials, we have the right technique for your specific requirements.
  • High-quality Services – Your satisfaction is our priority. Every project undergoes meticulous inspection. We utilise cutting-edge testing methods to identify and rectify any imperfections.

Collaborate with a team who are passionate about delivering excellence in stainless steel welding. Lotus Steel employs the latest welding technologies and strives to exceed your expectations.

Whether your project is for construction, manufacturing, or related industries, our services are tailored to elevate your vision to new heights.
If you need Lotus Steel’s expertise in stainless steel welding, don’t hesitate to call us today and discuss your project on (02) 9896 1846 or email info@lotussteel.com.au